Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What does the popularity column mean and how does it relate to search volume?

— Popularity and search volume are two different things. Search volume is based upon history, popularity is based upon the current trend and popularity of a term in relationship to others listed by the tool. If one term has more popularity than another it likely has more searches but it isn’t always sustained. Popularity is closer to a trend analysis than a search volume. Popularity should be used the same way you would a weather prediction, it is not absolute but a relative gauge.


2 – I am getting results that are not specific to my area, what is the problem?

— This can happen for two reasons. One, your home router has a setting that is indicating that you are in a different time zone or country. Or reason two is that you are at a coffee shop or public free wireless location. Sometimes public wireless connects to a corporate network that actually provides internet access from a different city. As a last resort try adding Geo specific terms such as “city term”.


3 – I am getting a network error when trying to run the tool such as “cannot connect to server”. Why is this happening?

— This can be a couple of things. First verify that your internet connection is working. After that it is probably a security issue related to windows 7 or vista security settings or… your antivirus or firewall. Often times these programs will identify the program as a threat because it communicates heavily with the internet. Turn off your virus software or firewall. Set your permissions on windows 7 or vista to allow the program to run properly.

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